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BIG BOSS Welcab Car Service was formed by an automobile retailer and mass transport operator in Hong Kong, which have 30+ years of experience in both industries. In order to match and evolve with the ever-changing need of society, we recruit young aspirants to deliver new ideas and respond to the latest market demands. It is believed that technology will be leveraged to bridge the living gap between the general public and the elderly & disabled so that they can feel the ease of travel and social inclusiveness.

It is inevitable that everyone would age with time or be likely to have mobility problems. As such, BIG BOSS especially created this private and barrier-free transport to respect and fulfill the market with mobility needs. The Financial Secretary Chen Maobo said that the population of Hong Kong is rapidly aging. By 2020, the population over the age of 65 will be 1.35 million, which is nearly 20% of the population of Hong Kong. Although the barrier-free facility in the public areas are reasonably well designed, these are still inadequate to cater to people with reduced mobility. Therefore, in response to the government’s implementation of the "Easy Mobility for the Elderly" policy, the company strives to meet the growing needs of the elderly. The establishment of BIG BOSS Welcab is expected to further promote the atmosphere of communion and assist the government to reconsider the lack of accessibility transport.

"Safety" is our most important principle and the most fundamental cornerstone of the ride. The vehicles are regularly maintained and inspected. The safety equipment of the vehicles are all meeting the international standard and both drivers and personal carer are trained at top standard.


About Us


Our starting point


"Caring and Harmony"


Core value

"BIG BOSS Welcab, care the most of you"



  "Efficient service, sustainable development, smart travel"

Green Nature


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