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Service Features


Technical Aspect

Barrier-free friendly seats

Same wheelchairs can be used throughout the journey where there is no need for passengers to get on/off

Flexible pick up number

​Flexible combination

2 wheelchair seats + 2 guest seats

1 wheelchair seat + 4 guest seats

Comply with international standards, including electric ties, <wheelchair lock> to fix the position of the wheelchair, double seat belts and collision avoidance system, etc.​

Safety equipment

Professional driver / Personal Carer

  • The driver has received special professional training, and the personal carer allows guests to enjoy distinguished services

  • Provide multiple appointment methods: phone, web, fax, email, etc.

  • We accept urgent appointments and respond quickly to queries

Easy appointment


Cleanliness and hygiene

  • The drivers have their temperature checked before work

  • The driver must wear mask at all times.

  • After the driver completed the pick-up, he took the initiative to clean the compartment with disinfectant alcohol.

Service Aspect

Service Flow


Service completed


Book via Call,


Online form and Email


Customer manager 


 the details with passengers


The passenger

confirms the appointment and



On Time provision of the Welcab service 

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